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Apply Here:

Apply Here:

If you think you're eliglble for staff and would like to apply this is where you can do so. Take a look at the form below and fill out everything to the best of your ability.

Remember to be honest and professional. Good luck!

Note: Due to the amount of applications we receive, only those that are accepted will receive a reply. If you do not receive a reply within two weeks consider yourself denied.

If you applied, thank you for taking your time filling out this form. If you're accepted you will be contacted on Telegram!

About JailMC

JailMC is a community-focused Minecraft server featuring prisons with loads of custom features making the experince one of a kind.

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Looking for help?

If you need help you can head over to our Discord server. Visit the #ticket channel to create a ticket and our active staff team will assist you!

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