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Season II - Week 2 Update

Season II - Week 2 Update

Hello everyone, Happy Halloween!

Halloween is here, and so is our Week II Update! We'd like to thank you all for the continuous support we've been receiving, along with the feedback. We've prepared some fun little events for you all to take part in this week, along with releasing our new Spooky Lootbox!

» There is currently a Halloween Sale happening now at!
» Double Token Weekend has started, this event will end on Monday at 12AM EST.
» Our brand new Spooky Lootbox has been released, along with the Frankenstein and Grim Reaper sets!

All information regarding the Week II Update can be found below.

We have just released a Spooky Lootbox that you can vist on our store:

In light of halloween we have released npcs around spawn that you can go and vist to get rewarded. When you find an NPC you will be able to right click it and get rewarded. We hope you're able to find all of them and enjoy the rewards!

We have went ahead and added a brand new battlepass system. The new system will require you to mine blocks in your mine, mine blocks in midgard and kill mobs. Each factor will give you a different range of points. Points are needed to level up the pass. When you first get your pass you will need to gain 25,000 points and after that every tier will cost 12,500 points.

You might be wondering how to get points and how much each task is worth so here is values that might help you:
ㅤㅤ∙/ Mining blocks in your /mine will give 1 point per block
ㅤㅤ∙/ Killing a mob in /pve will give you 125 points per kill
ㅤㅤ∙/ Mining a block /pve will give you 75 points per block mined
With the new pass being released there is going to be a free pass that everyone can take part in grinding. Every 5 levels of the free pass you will receive a reward that will automatically be given to you.
Along with the free pass we also have a premium pass that you can purchase on our store. If you decide to purchase this pass you will recieve a reward every tier that you level up. This pass will be updated very often with new rewards being added. There will not be a tier limit and if someone reaches the current max we will add more ASAP.

We have also added a pumpkin hunt around the server. If you come across a pumpkin you might be able to right click it and get rewarded depending on the pumpkin. These will be placed all around spawn and we wish you luck finding all of them.


With all the other updates we have also push a load of bug fixes and here is a list of that:
ㅤㅤ∙/ Fixed first join message of new players not being shown correctly
ㅤㅤ∙/ Made it so pouches dont need to be placed on the ground
ㅤㅤ∙/ Fixed right clicking issue with minebomb and plasma cannon
ㅤㅤ∙/ Prison armor heads no longer placeable
ㅤㅤ∙/ Minecrate booster removed from gang boosters
ㅤㅤ∙/ Added a command to withdraw stars (/star withdraw)
ㅤㅤ∙/ Fixed vote reward milestone rewards not being set out

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